Flip book?!! That,s right! Hi-tech meets old school. Instead of a Fan Movie, I adapted the preview trailer of Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3 (first shown at E3 2005) into a Dragonfly Game Flipz? - Animated Story Flip Book, a new, innovative book format. Game Flipz? is the creative fusion of fusion of game graphic, and the animated flip book, with a touch of comic book layout thrown in for good measure. Dragonfly Game Flipz? brings static screenshot panels to life. I,ve been working on Dragonfly Flipz? for some time, now and would like to get feedback from you game fans. I plan to post more Game Flipz? for other games soon. I,d also like to hear from the game creators, artists, management types, and book or magazine publishers. I love to have this books mass produced, but for now it is a Concept Demo and not for sale. If you like it, send it to friends and Square-Enix, Sony, etc. Dragonfly Flipz? Game Flipz? books are a great way to collect all that great game trailer movies that are being produced, posted, viewed and downloaded. (This version of the Final Fantasy was free download) Personally, I love the feel of a book in my hands, to enjoy the great artwork in the trailers. Also I believe the Dragonfly Flipz? Mini-book format is a great showcase for 2D and CGI artist making narrative shorts. So, thanks for viewing this. Best regards, Dennis J. Woodyard Dragonfly Entertainment

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