Two months prior to the airing of this episode of "The Mike Douglas Show", the mega-blockbuster film "Star Wars" debuted in U.S. movie theaters. Host Mike Douglas and co-host Richard Thomas ("John-Boy" from "The Waltons" TV series) are joined by the three top "Star Wars" cast members -- Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill (Ford and Hamill make their appearances in Part 2 of this YouTube series). This is a rare chance to see these three "Star Wars" actors in their younger days, prior to the time when "super stardom" enveloped the trio. It,s July of 1977, and it was a different era, and certainly a less frenetic era as far as talk-show atmosphere is concerned. Great, great stuff here. This show was taped at Mike Douglas, Philadelphia studios on 7/20/77, and was aired a week later, on 7/27/77. Copyrights: Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc. 1977 Rhino Home Video 2000

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